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Summit Details


Ina Road Church of Christ located at 2425 W Ina Rd, Tucson, AZ 85741

Childcare Available for only $15. ($5 for each additional child)


Friday, March 10th from 8am to 5pm - Day rate $75 (lunch included and discounts available)

Saturday, March 11th from 8am to 5pm - Day rate $75 (lunch included and discounts available)

Gala Dinner at 6:30pm - 9:30pm - $50/plate

Sunday, March 12th - 9am  Intimate Community Brunch- By Invite Only.

Reach out to the organizer, Dru Heaton, if you'd like to attend and build your community.


Local health experts and activists empowering you with do-able action steps to help you with preserving your family's income, your health, your mental wellness, your children's & grandchildren's education, and your rights.

Meet new like-minded friends and start to build your community. "Stand Local" TOGETHER.

Your Lineup of Speakers

The 4th Annual Informed Consent Conference is designed to bring awareness and solutions to the growing infringement on our freedoms, right here in Tucson. It's happening everywhere. We can't move to a new state and escape globalism. We must stand in community and take strategic actions to protect our family's income, our children, and our body sovereignty.

Joshua Coleman.jpg

Joshua Coleman

Grassroots Advocacy

elana freeland.png

Elana Freeland

Synthetic Biology

Heather Meyers.jpg

Heather Meyers

The Power of Music

Irene Pi 2023.JPG

Irene Pi

Activist Training 101

Patrick Wood 2.jpg

Patrick Wood

Technocracy & Transhumanism


Lynn Davenport

Education & Big Data


Karl Kanthak

Public Health: Data & Statistics

Peter Norquest.jpg

Peter Norquest

United Nations Goals
in Pima County

John Slattery_edited.jpg

John Slattery

Southwest Plant Medicine

Jonathan Wood.jpg

Jonathan Wood

Killing Cancer

lauren deville.png

Dr. Lauren DeVille

Health & Detox Protocols

Diane McBride.jpg

Diane McBride

Mass Formation Psychosis

Matt Novak.jpg

Matt Novak

Building the Digital Cage:
A Warning

Dr. Russ Witte.jpg

Dr. Russ Witte

Constitutional Governance

& 5G

Dru Heaton Not Experiment.jpg

Dru Heaton

Summit Organizer

Here's a taste of what you're getting

My Patients

My Patients

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