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Karl Kanthak


Known fondly as the “Data Dude,” Karl Kanthak brings a powerful combination of experience, intelligence, and a charismatic skillset to open hearts and minds. He is a lifelong educator and elected school board official specializing in the inaccurate data being used to restrict citizen access to both public, taxpayer supported, and private education. His activities include being a patient safety advocate for preventing medical errors, unnecessary treatment, and undesirable pharmaceutical interactions. He has been defending the personal and religious exemptions in Washington State since 2019, and his advocate testimony has been sought after all over the country. Other projects include educating Health Care Providers about the identification of Fluoroquinolone Toxicity Associated Disability and Gadolinium Deposition Disease as potential causes when confronting idiopathic illnesses.


Talk: Vaccine Policy & Public Health
Friday, March 10
Talk: Public Health: Data & Statistics
Saturday, March 11
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