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Matt Novak

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Matt Novak, Ph.D., has been an engineer working in the technology sector since 1997. His background in Physics (B.S., Virginia Tech, Summa Cum Laude) and Optical Sciences (Ph.D., University of Arizona) has enabled him to solve problems in medical device development, space instrument development, and commercial and consumer electronics product development. He has served as an individual contributor and inventor for multiple patents and at the director level for technology creation, and as proprietor of a successful consulting company serving clients such as Texas Instruments and Johnson & Johnson.

Matt’s experience over the past 25+ years has helped him build a unique perspective on the seemingly global and endless drive to create new technology. With that perspective, he is now working to share a warning for us all as we step toward the future.


Talk: Building the Digital Cage - A Warning
Friday, March 10
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