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Joshua Coleman

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Joshua Coleman is the father of a vaccine injured son. After a round of vaccines at 17 months his son became paralyzed from the waist down and was eventually diagnosed with Transverse Myelitis. It was confirmed at Johns Hopkins Hospital that his condition was a direct result of vaccination. As a filmmaker, Joshua has married his craft with his activism, with the goal to educate others and give them the information he should have been given before vaccinating his son. In 2019, Joshua Coleman and Olivia Mikos founded V is for Vaccine as censorship of information, individuals, groups and social media platforms began to drastically increase. Joshua and Olivia's years of creative collaboration together, coupled with their drive to break through barriers, culminated in the brainstorming and inception of this campaign. The goal was to bypass the mainstream and social media censorship, and educate the public on important truths about the vaccine program; truths that everyone has the right to know before making the decision to vaccinate.

Talk: Grassroots Advocacy
Friday, March 10
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