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Heather Meyers

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Heather Meyers is a doctor’s wife, a homeschooling dance mom to four children, an animal nursery leader, and a poop and rock farmer who is dipping her toes into regenerative agriculture. She is also a doula and teaches private music lessons in person and online having taught private music lessons for over twenty years. She chooses to teach privately to be home with her children during their formative years. Her greatest hope and goal is for her children to grow up healthy and strong. Heather holds a bachelor’s degree in Music Education K-12 from the University of Utah and studied education psychology and violin. Before attending the U of U, Heather attended Salt Lake Community College as a recipient to Scholarships in both Music Theory and Harmony and as a choir piano accompanist for their concert choir. Heather shares her personal experiences that woke her up to the possible dangers and harm vaccines may cause, as well as the deep regret, isolation and rejection mothers of vaccine injured children experience. Wanting these mothers to have a voice and feel her support that they are not alone, Heather has written a musical about one mother’s struggle with the repercussions of vaccine injury. The musical is based off of her own story and the stories of two of her friends whose children were also harmed. Heather believes the messages from this work can be a powerful catalyst to open the minds and hearts of those who have not yet listened to the message that vaccines can cause harm.

Talk: The Power of Music
Saturday, March 11
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