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NOTICE! Date change. NOTICE! Date change.

5:30 pm  Gate Opens

6:30 pm  1986: The Act Screening

8:30 pm  Q&A Dr. Andrew Wakefield

Max Capacity Incentive

El Toro Flicks drive-in has a maximum capacity of 115 vehicles. 

No matter how many tickets we sell, once this capacity is reached, the gate will be closed. 

We don’t want to turn vehicles away so we are encouraging you to 

FILL YOUR CAR with people you want to be with.


As an incentive for a no-empty-seats vehicle, each person is entered in a drawing for

liberty/ movie swag. ($100 value) Each seat must be a ticketed attendee.

Consider bringing lounge chairs to seat your group outside the vehicle.


If you’d like to reach our carpool coordinator, contact us.

Share that you're going, and recruit your friends! 


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NOTICE! Date change. NOTICE! Date change.